Your identity management solution

GrantID adds security to your apps with Single Sign On, Multiple Authentication Factors and powerfull analytics.

OAuth 2.0 & OpenId Connect

Full compliance with the OAuth 2.0 and OpenId connect specifications.

Single Sign On

Integrate your applications and increase productivity by having a unique identity.

More options  Increased security

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Mobile Authenticator
  • Digital Certificate

How does it work?


Need a familiar face?

Customize the interface to suit your needs

Costumizable Login

Track your users steps

The applications dashboard allows you to understand better your users.

Know who, when and from where your applications are beeing accessed.

Cloud reliability

Our cloud environment is built to provide your applications a scalable and reliable service.

On premises installation is also available.

End user and developer support

We provide all the support you will ever need.

Multiple languages available.